Crème 2.5
On September 11th 2023 the version 2.5 of Creme has been released, 7 month after Creme 2.4.

This version is smaller than previous ones (release are normally made once a year). We have decided to release in the middle of the year intead of the start of the year, in order to improve our use of the supported Django's versions. Creme 2.5 already uses the long term support (aka LTS) Django 4.2 which has been released in April 2023. So Creme 2.5 is a transition release; in 2024, Creme 2.6 may be released in June or July.

On technical side, important items are:
- the move to Django 4.2 as seen above; this version is supported until April 2026 (
- Python3.7 as been dropped, Python 3.8 becomes the minimal version.
- the minimal versions are now: MySQL 8, MariaDB 10.4 & PostGreSQL 12.

On user side, important changes are:
- an "exploration" mode which allows to view sequentially the entities contained by a list-view.
- you can now reset a Custom Form to its initial state.
- the displayed name for users can be configured (in order to keep short names & avoid names collisions as you wish).
- the SMTP servers for email campaigns can now be visually configured.
- the work started with Creme 2.4 to manage big numbers of Sector/Status/... has been finalised & works now in the filter forms.
- product & service Lines in Quote/Invoices can be re-ordered.
- a field which adds a customised colours is now present in many small models, like Activities/Invoices Statuses.
- the render of graphs has been improved, notably when there are many data to display.

Hope you'll enjoy this release!

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