Move to Django1.4
April 2, the trunk version of Creme has moved from Django1.3 to Django1.4, which is the version of Django the next release of Creme will use (planned to June). We will move to Django1.5 for the following release.

The project layout has changed, which is recommended by the Django team:
- is now at the project root, no more in creme/ .
- in, and in the code too, Creme apps are now prefixed with 'creme.', for example 'creme_core' becomes 'creme.creme_core' .

Notice that for the moment the time zones are disabled (USE_TZ = False). It is the main feature of Django 1.4, but it needs some extra work in the code. It is temporary, and the time zones will be enabled/working in the following weeks, for the release.

Happy virtualenv !

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