[deprecated] Bug in dev version 1.4 alpha : migration of reports app
If you have pulled the repository between the commit 1944f314c5da (8 october 2014) and the commit cff09a7299eb (25 november), you may have a problem with the migration called "0006_v1_4__rename_field_report". It is caused by a known bug in south, and this migration has been replaced by 3 migrations in order to work around the bug.

If you have successfully run this migration, you have to make 2 changes in your database in order to update the code with later code (after november the 25th)

  • In the table "south_migrationhistory", delete the line corresponding to the migration  "0006_v1_4__rename_field_report".
  • In the table "reports_field", rename the column "sub_report_id" into "report_id".

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